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Don’t Worry, BE Happy!

Remember the old 1988 hit song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” ? The catchy tune was a one hit wonder for songwriter/singer Bobby McFerrin. In fact, not only was it his sole #1 hit, it was his only song to make the Top 100 Chart in his career. 1988 was also the first year a computer- related virus spread extensively across the internet. It affected around 15,000 computers in 15 hours, which back then was most of the internet. Another interesting thing that came out in 1988 was the antidepressant called Prozac. Today some 40 million people take Prozac, putting it in the top 25 drugs prescribed in the USA. People worry today like never before and looking for help to overcome it.

Have things changed that much since 1988? Indeed they have, and yet 1988 doesn’t seem like that long ago for most of us! There have been so many changes since then that cause us excessive, non-stop worry. It’s harder than ever to avoid stress and worry. Everybody knows stress is a killer! Currently there are nearly 5 BILLION users on the internet. With so much information swirling around us today, it’s no wonder people worry. Life gets so busy we rarely find time to relax. It also seems if it’s not bad news, there is no news. How do we insulate ourselves and live with ongoing stress?

I think the songwriter, Bobby McFerrin, got it right in his song. One of the lines from the song says, ”In life we have some trouble, but when you worry you make it double.” Worrying doesn’t change anything, all it does is rob us of our sleep and peace of mind. I know it’s easier said than done but if you make your mind go someplace else, it will. The mind sees in pictures, so my number one method to stop worrying is to go back to a place in my life that was relaxing and restful, like a vacation or when you first dated your spouse or love of your life or maybe the first time your saw your child or grandchild’s sweet little face. Make your mind go back to a better day. See those pictures in your mind or better yet dig out the old pics and sit and reflect back on better days. I think you’ll be singing BOBBYS song “Don’t worry, be happy” pretty quickly! We can control our mind and be the master of our own universe. Make your thoughts go where you can find that restful place. We can’t control all the craziness in the world but WE CAN CONTROL “OUR” WORLD! Don’t let the noise all around us today distract you from taking care of yourself and your World! Be happy, DON’T WORRY!

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