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The Importance of Healthy Water

How many people do you know who say:

“I don’t want to drink water before I go to bed because I’m going to have to get up at night?”

A friend asked her doctor why people pee a lot at night. The Doctor answered that a heart’s gravity holds water at the bottom of the body and when it is in the vertical position the legs swell. So when we lie down, the lower body is up near the kidneys and that’s when the kidneys eliminate water: because it’s easier!

It takes water to eliminate toxins from the body. Drinking water at the right time maximizes its effectiveness in the body and the right time to drink it is:

  • 2 glasses of water after waking up; helps activate internal organs.
  • 1 Glass of water 30 minutes before a meal, helps digestion.
  • 1 Glass of water before taking a bath, helps lower blood pressure.
  • 1 Glass of water before going to bed helps prevent brain stroke or heart attack.

Remember that leg muscles are looking for hydration and hence the cramps awaken you.

A cardiologist said to share this with your loved ones, several lives can and will be saved.

*No claims are made here or elsewhere on this website about your individual health or our product’s ability to cure. The evidence cited is anecdotal. Your doctor should be consulted when you are unwell.

Billie Orr and Vickie Johnston

Man pouring water into glass filled with ice
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