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Real Superhero’s Don’t Wear Capes!

What is a real-life superhero? Someone who saves lives? Most definitely! Someone who tells the truth? Absolutely! In today’s world, real superheroes are getting hard to find. So today I’m going to share some tips with you that may benefit you more than you can imagine. And the topic? Mold in washing machines!

The new washers that are front loaders have a little door, on the front, at the bottom. Typically, it’s on the left side. Have you ever opened that little door? Most people never even look at it, and unless the person who sold you the machine mentioned it, you won’t give it a thought. Of course, those few people who read the manual that comes with the washer might learn of its purpose!

So, if you are not one of those who reads the manual, here is the story! The door has a hose behind it along with a plastic screw-on cap and a catch basin. Periodically, maybe monthly, unscrew the cap, and drain the little hose. Have something there to catch the water. Before you replace the little cap and catch basin, wash both with soap and hot water. After everything is properly back in place, put 1 cup of peroxide or white vinegar in the drum, and run a cycle on hot water; or if you have a sanitation mode, run it.

If you open your washing machine door and smell mold, here is why. The water sits in the bottom of the drum where you can’t see it. Your washing machine starts to grow bacteria and mold inside that drum. When you open the door, you’re breathing it in. Many people have allergic reactions to mold, and many are also affected by laundry soaps, softeners, and dryer sheets. Most people don’t realize how toxic many laundry products are. Some of the ingredients in common laundry products lead to allergic reactions and skin issues. Some contain hormone disruptors as well.

There is a great app in the App Store on your phone. It is called Yuka, and it has a carrot in the logo. All you do is scan the barcode of whatever product you are curious about, and it will give you a rating from 1 to 100 indicating how the product ranks in toxicity. It will help you make far better selections when you are looking at products to use in your home, and it will rate foods and drinks as well. Even my grandchildren use this app, so at least they know what they are putting in their body!

If you are looking to purchase well-rated laundry soap, dish soap, shampoos, and more – stop by our store. We carry a product line called Pure Selects and they are well rated for safety and effectiveness. By the way, I don’t consider myself a superhero, but I am a big fan of being “in the know.”

Introducing the Whole Home Water Filtration System

From drinking, cooking, to bathing ~ every faucet in your home will be provided with safe and cleaner water!

We build whole home custom water systems that are able to remove/reduce pesticides, herbicides, arsenic, radium, uranium and
many other toxic chemicals and bacteria you do not want to be drinking everyday.

One size never fits all when it comes to water. We do not remove the essential minerals that your body needs!!

Water quality and quantity is a factor that must always be considered. We do water testing for wells.

Text Vickie direct for more info at 602-361-4010



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