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Should You Consider Getting a Water Filter?

Water is an essential part of human life, and all of us need it to survive. From drinking refreshing water straight from the tap to showering and using water to cook, your home’s water system has to be pure and safe to drink. Although according to the EPA, 90% of home water systems produce water that is safe to drink, this still isn’t 100% of homes. It’s best to invest in whole house water filters to ensure your home’s water is safe to drink and keep your family safe and healthy.

Types of Water Impurities

Water contains many minerals and impurities that might be detrimental to your health. These include toxins such as mercury, lead, copper, chlorine, and even arsenic. There are trace amounts of these toxins found in your water, which can negatively impact the body. Whole house water filters work by eliminating these toxins from your water.

Health Effects from Toxic Water

It’s not enough to simply filter your water using small filtering systems. Whole house water filters work by using carbon filters or other types of filters to remove toxins. They also reduce mineral buildup in your water. These mineral deposits, which cause something known as hard water, can damage the inside of your home’s pipes. By removing hard substances such as calcium, you’re protecting your home’s pipes and your health. If these substances can damage the inside of your home’s pipe system, can they damage your body? Absolutely!

According to the EPA, drinking contaminated water can have negative health consequences in the short term. These include digestive issues such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Long-term ingestion of contaminated water can lead to chronic illnesses such as nervous system damage, reproductive harm, and certain cancers.

Cost of Whole House Water Filters

Fortunately, getting a whole house water filter installed is oftentimes the same cost as any other maintenance project, such as replacing an HVAC system or re-roofing your home. Whole house water filters have the added benefit of improving the taste of your home’s water, as well as preventing health problems and keeping your family safe.

Water filters are a great investment for your home and your family’s future. Reduce contaminants and toxins in your water supply today by investing in whole house water filters!

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