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PureVita 1.0 Dual System / Single Tank Unit


Are you worried about the water your family is drinking? It’s easy to protect your family with our PureVita line of water filtration products! No more worrying about chlorine and at least 200 nasty chemicals in drinking water today. Remember ‘Buy a filter or BE a filter!”

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This single tank unit can do 1-million or 2-million gallons of water with NO maintenance, NO filters to change, NO backwash, NO electricity required and NO SALT. Removing/reducing over 200 of the toxins and chemicals you don’t want your loved one drinking daily. This system is really 2 in 1, as there is no need for a water softener for water with hardness less than 24gpm.

Toxic build up in cells is no joke when it comes to our health. Our bodies are simply overworking to detox all these chemicals and toxins we are consuming daily. Our bodies only have so much energy and time to detox our systems, helping it reduce that job by filtering your water first. Everyone is “sick and tired of being sick and tired” but most neglect the one thing that will change everything: clean water! We are approximately 70% water (as adults), depending on your size, of course. Clean water is your body’s best defense against all diseases and disorders. Remember “Buy a filter or BE a filter!”

Tank Size

1-Million Gallon, 2-Million Gallon

Introducing the PUREVITA Whole Home Water Filtration System

From drinking, cooking, to bathing ~ every faucet in your home will be provided with safe and clean water!

Our Whole Home Water system removes pesticides, herbicides, arsenic, radium, uranium and MORE!

We do not remove the essential minerals that your body needs!!