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PureVita – V Plus


Are you worried about the water your family is drinking? It’s easy to protect your family with our PureVita line of water filtration products! No more worrying about chlorine and nasty chemicals in drinking water today. Remember ‘Buy a filter or BE a filter!”

Shipping is included in the price of your unit!

13″ diameter x 54″ height


This system is suited for homes with 4+ people.

NO maintenance, NO filters to change, NO backwash, NO electricity required and NO SALT. Removing/reducing the chlorine and other contaminants you don’t want your loved ones drinking. This system is really 2 in 1, as there is no need for a water softener for water with hardness less than 20gpg.

Toxic build up in cells is no joke when it comes to our health. Our bodies are simply overworking to detox all these chemicals and toxins we are consuming daily. Our bodies only have so much energy and time to detox our systems, helping it reduce that job by filtering your water first. Everyone is “sick and tired of being sick and tired” but most neglect the one thing that will change everything: cleaner water! We are approximately 70% water (as adults), depending on your size, of course. Cleaner water is your body’s best defense against all diseases and disorders. Remember “Buy a filter or BE a filter!”

ADVANTAGES Of Our Whole House Water Filtration System:

• No FILTERS to change – no ongoing cost incurred.
• No CHEMICALS required for disinfection.
• No ELECTRIC connections required.
• No DRAIN connections required.
• No SALT required.
• No WATER WASTE or backwashing required.
• No REGENERATION required.
• No increased SODIUM in water.
• Removes the previous SCALING of plumbing.
• Leaves healthy MINERALS in water, process CONVERTS Ca and Mg into harmless micro crystals.
• No CONTROL valves required.
• Less possibility of leaks due to fewer connections.
• No salt means the system provides better QUALITY, healthier water without the addition of sodium or phosphates.
• ENVIRONMENTALLY Friendly – Green AND clean for the environment – saving our environment by not adding more harmful salts like conventional salt-based water softeners do.
• System is able to remove Iron from water with very high efficiency.

Is this system good for home appliances?

YES! Faucets, water pipes, shower heads, shower cabins, toilets, all home and commercial beverage systems, kitchen appliances, dishwashers, ice cubes, compact washers, major appliances, in floor heating, air conditioners, water heaters, air humidifiers, coffee and tea makers, solar heating systems, water coolers, boilers, hot water boilers, central heating boilers, combination boilers, catering water boilers, boilers and pool heaters, commercial water heaters, industrial hot water boilers, cooling towers, closed circuit cooling towers, open circuit cooling towers, concrete cooling towers, cross flow cooling towers, industrial appliances, winery, car washing, dairy processing, food & beverages, injection moulding, irrigation, nurseries, reverse osmosis pretreatment… etc.

Other applications:
• Irrigation
• Swimming pools & SPA
• Dairy Processing
• Winery & Beverages Processing
• Nutritional Processing Plants
• Gardening
• Automobile Washing
• Hotel, Restaurants & Institutions
• Coffee & Tea-machines
• Water Vending Machines
• Schools
• Nursing Homes
• Hospitals
…and many other applications where water is used.

Why we think this is a great solution:

✓ No TDS change: This system does not remove or add anything to the water. As no ion-exchange chemistry is used, the TDS of the water remains unchanged before and after the treatment.
✓ No pH change: pH value of the water remains the same. This factor makes the treated water suitable for almost any use where corrosion is concerned.
✓ Minerals Preserved: This system does not add sodium or any chemicals to the water. It simply preserves the calcium and magnesium contents of water, making the treated water arguably the healthiest mineral water available. Both calcium and magnesium are quintessential for nervous systems and muscle functionalities. They are indispensable parts in the cell chemistry of the plants and most of the life forms on earth.
✓ De-Scaling: Not only does this system prevent scale formation, but it also helps to remove the previously formed scales inside pipes. During the flow some of the micro-bubbles are losing a small amount of CO2, which diffuses rapidly in water and interacts with surface scale, especially in closed spaces (pipes, boilers, etc). As a result, the scale which is already present on these surfaces is removed slowly.
✓ Biocidal effect: The NAC process creates the conditions that water dissolved CO2 agglomerates to form micro-bubbles. These CO2 bubbles actively destroy bacterial membranes acting as a biocide. So along with scale prevention, the system also helps to prevent biofouling.

How does this system work?

When the hard water undergoes nucleation in the pressure vessel, the calcium bicarbonate Ca(HCO3) 2 is transformed into aragonite form of calcium carbonate CaCO3 crystals. These crystals are formed through decomposition and crystallization processes, forming very stable harmless crystals. The following equation describes the reaction that occurs inside the pressure vessel when flow over grains of nucleation. Ca(HCO3) 2→ CaCO3 + CO2 + H2O The name fragment “SP (Scale Prevention) 3“ is to indicate this unique transformation of water hardness Ca(HCO3) 2 into 3 components viz. 1. CaCO3 (micro-crystals) 2. CO2 (colloid) and 3. H2O (pure) In the pressure vessel, the equilibrium of carbonate species in water is changed, assisted by the driving force of stable crystal formation and therefore the reaction is pushed to the right →. With this technology, as long as CO2 is being removed the soluble Ca (HCO3) 2 converts into insoluble calcium carbonate (CaCO3) crystals.

Note: Do not use where water is microbiologically unsafe or with water of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the unit. System must be maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions, or it will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Pre-treatment for sediment, Iron, hydrogen sulfide, manganese, hydrocarbons and copper may be required depending on conditions. Install systems in new facilities with copper pipe after six weeks.

System life will always vary depending on water quality and quantity used. Life expectancy may vary from city to city, state to state. All water is different and must be treated as such.

Tank Size

1-Million Gallon, 2-Million Gallon

Introducing the PUREVITA Whole Home Water Filtration System

From drinking, cooking, to bathing ~ every faucet in your home will be provided with safe and clean water!

Our Whole Home Water system removes pesticides, herbicides, arsenic, radium, uranium and MORE!

We do not remove the essential minerals that your body needs!!