Skinny Drive Wafers: A Perfect Metabolism Booster Food, Easy Weight Loss Diet, Fastest Way to Lose Weight


Skinny Drive
Healthy Gut Rebuilding Fiber

Simple weight loss aide to add fiber to your daily regime. Vanilla wafers full of fiber promotes healthy digestion as well as curb appetite. Try our weight loss protocol for healthy lasting results.

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Metabolism Booster Food- High Fiber – Best Weight Loss Diet:

Are you looking for easy, best and fastest ways to burn fat and lose weight ? Then you are the right place. We have a driven now plan of action you with best diet for weight loss fast. Our SkinnyDrive and BodyDrive will undoubtedly boost your Metabolism and Suppress appetite. You will surely lose up to 1 Pound a day. 

Quick Burn Fat (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) Food for Men and Women:

  • Upon Rising: Within 15-30 minutes from waking up in the morning, prepare your single-scoop of BodyDRIVE in 16 oz. (2-cups) of ice-cold water. Drink ¼ of it followed by 1-2 SkinnyDRIVE wafers and the remaining BodyDRIVE all within 5 minutes, and start enjoying super nutrition to start your day with our metabolism booster food.
  • AM Snack: For a morning snack, if needed, enjoy half of an organic apple, banana, or avocado with 8 oz. (1-cup) of water.
  • 15 minutes prior to lunch: enjoy 1 SkinnyDRIVE wafer followed by ¼ – ½ scoop of BodyDRIVE in 12 oz. (1 ½ – cups) of ice-cold water.
  • LUNCH:  Eat an organic green leafy salad with balsamic vinegar and cold pressed virgin olive oil, furthermore, along with other half of you morning snack fruit or a low calorie meal, high in protein, low in fats.
  • AFTERNOON SNACK:  when needed, enjoy a ½ – cup of whole raw unsalted almonds with 8 oz. (1-cup) of water.
  • 15 minutes prior to Dinner: enjoy 1 SkinnyDRIVE wafer followed by ¼ – ½ scoop of BodyDRIVE in 12 oz. (1 ½ -cups) of ice-cold water.
  • DINNER: Enjoy a small portion of grilled or baked organic chicken breast, wild salmon, or wild halibut, green leafy organic salad with organic tomatoes and a ½-cup of cooked quinoa or rice. Drink only water.
  • 30 minutes after dinner: Moreover, take a moderate 30 minute walk.
  • Before bedtime: enjoy 1 SkinnyDRIVE wafer with 8 oz. (1-cup) of water.

Repeat this simple plan of action for 10-days and DRIVE YOURSELF to new highs and weight loss success! Enjoy and blessings on your journey!

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