Water Filtration System For Home, Whole House Water Softener, Filter For Water Purifier, 97% Chlorine Free, Water Filter For Well Water

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Our ALL IN ONE WHOLE HOME FILTER SOLUTION can’t be beat in price, maintenance, filteration or quality. This is our exclusive design built to last for many years maintenance FREE! You choose, 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 gallon capacity! Ranches with horses and animals, no problem, you can protect them too from the harmful toxins found in our water supply today. There are over 4000 toxins found in water, call us if you would like a FREE report on the water in your area 928-899-7504.

Best Water Filtration System For Home, Our Whole House Water Purification Systems

Green and clean matters when it comes to your family’s health. We know what it takes, when it comes to water technology. Our aim is to give you the protection you need for today’s BIG toxic water problems. We take your health seriously and only provide solutions that we use ourselves in our own home. You will definitely love our complete alkaline ionizer water for whole house water treatment and conditioning system. Because it is all in one tank, one easy install,  and thus saves you hundreds of dollars.

Take back EVERY tap inside your home to experience the difference which clean water makes with our whole house water filtration system.

Our  ALL IN ONE whole home water treatment system is effective for dissolving and preventing scale, inhibiting corrosion, as well as reducing chlorine, chloramine, chlorination by products, and a whole host of toxins from your household water. There are over 4000 toxins found in water today and we are finding more everyday. When you remove these toxins, not only will your coffee, tea, and food taste better, but also your health will thank you!

  • Chlorine free water as there is no bad taste and smell is associated with it
  • Off course No salt, chemicals free, no heavy bags to lift, also no ongoing maintenance or consumables.
  • No more scale buildup from hard water deposits and helps remove existing scale, less effort cleaning those showers!
  • Only the best, premium grade NSF certified medias.
  • We offer five layer media filtering which leaves you with clean water for your whole house, surely for peace of mind knowing you are bathing and drinking clean water. We truly help you take back your tap, ALL of them, inside your home

which water filter is the best?

Our system is GREEN and CLEAN – the water you put back in the ground is much cleaner than before. To went through our system, You are actually putting better quality water back in the earth through our system. The earth is not making any new water, it is recycling the same water over and over.

Our water filtration system works like nature did before we contaminate the ground with so many toxins and chemicals. I grew up near Flint, MI and saw the many rivers being polluted over many years. Our family all loved to fish so we paid attention to the lakes and rivers. The Great Lakes is 1/5 of the World’s fresh water. Yet it has nearly been destroyed and who knows if it a solution will be found to clean it up. With only 1% of water in the World drinkable we all need to do what we can, every bit will help.

3 Water Filtration System for Home (According to your family size)

1,000,000 gallons lifetime capacity, up to 6 GPM, for a family of 4. The media last apprx. 7—10 years*.
1,500,000 gallons lifetime capacity, up to 9 GPM, for a family of 6. The media last apprx. 7—10 years*.
2,000,000 gallons lifetime capacity, up to 12 GPM, for a family of 8. The media last apprx. 10 years*.
*Capacity always depends on water usage and water quality conditions. All water is different everywhere. Our system is best for the treatment of municipal water, well water and any other application that may require to analyse water quality for best results. Not intended for microbiological unsafe water quality. Disinfectants may be required.

Water Filtration System at Home, Backwash Control Valve:

This valve is high quality and reliable. The most preferred is our Clack Backwash Control, one of the best in our industry. It comes fully programmed and ready for installation. Automatic, high-efficiency, reduces waste water by 30%. It has a battery back up it won’t lose programming when your power goes out, monitors itself and has all the features that you need for whole home protection.

Five Major Levels of Protection:

  • Level 1: Activated Carbon Granulated NSF certified, acid washed GAC removes odors, chlorine, gases, heavy metals, tastes, dyes, fuels, pollutants, disinfectants, pesticides, TTHM, sodium, chloride, and volatile organic contaminants.
  • Level 2: Premium Activated Carbon Catalytic high quality HAC carbon educes remaining chlorine and chloramine. By removing taste and odor and giving long-lasting fresh water. This media filters a wide range of pH levels and adds a final polish to the filtered water.
  •  Level 3: Ag Filter Plus All natural, environmentally friendly. Filter-Ag Plus has a large, microporous surface area that minimizes suspended contaminants and turbidity. Highly efficient filtering down to 5 microns or less.
  •  Level 4: High Density Garnet Media High hardness, high density filter media, effectively flters. Thus, provides a high quality media bed for this system.
  •  Level 5: Anti-Scale Chamber Environmentally friendly way to control scale without salt. Transforms hardness minerals into crystal particles using template assisted crystallization technology. So products are easily washed and wiped away.

Installation charges are not include and will vary. It depends on your home. Call us for more details on installation 928-899-7504.

Manufacturer’s Warranty 5 years on the head and 10 years on the tank.

Water Filtration Cartridge Replacement:

When the unit tells you it’s time to replace the media call us for the replacement. It is easy to exchange, we will guide you through the easy process. Media cost vary depending on City or well water. Be sure to tell us if you know specifically what you are trying to remove, arsenic, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, lead etc…

A Personal Note from Vickie  Johnston

Why It’s So Important To Remove Heavy Metals From Water

It’s important to your health to remove toxins from your water. Remember the movie Erin Brockovich in Hinkley, Ca? Many of the residents were developing serious cases of cancer. It was discovered there was hexavalent chromium 6 in their water supply.  Scientists continue to study and seek data when it comes to Chromium 6 in drinking water. They are very concerned with even the lowest levels of Chromium 6 found in drinking water today.

Hexavalent chromium (chromium-6) is present in nearly every major municipal water supply in the USA. Even many small towns, we have it in our water supply in our local water supply in Prescott Valley, AZ. If you would like to know if it’s in your city water supply please call us. Then we can tell you and send you a free report. The presence of Chromium 6 in our drinking water is still a BIG concern to almost all communities in the USA, as it should be. Water looks clean so we really don’t think about what’s in the glass. And if we could see it, we would think twice before downing a toxic soup. Toxins are the culprit and contributor to our bodies in poor health today.

Water Purifier and Softener to Avoid Cancer:

According to the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, nearly 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 women in the USA will die or develop cancer, that stat is beyond crazy in the year of 2018! While we have gotten much better at detecting cancer earlier. Many people are still losing the battle to cancer. Reducing the intake of toxins that cancer feeds on in your food and water may help you more than you can imagine in that battle. Cancer feeds on toxins and sugars, so you must remove the food source. We can help with our high-end water system. Getting these chemicals out of your bathing and shower water is also very important. Your not only absorbing them through your skin ( your bodies largest organ) but you’re ingesting these toxins into your lungs.

When it comes to my family’s health I am not going to err on the side of caution, I want to be sure I am protecting my children and grandchildren. When you understand how the human body works to heal and rebuild itself. You will understand why getting the toxins and chemicals out of our water is a MUST. If you are in our local area, I’d like to personally invite you to attend our FREE classes every Wed at 1:00 pm. Educating yourself is key when it comes to good health and longevity. We also offer call in classes for our clients, call for details. “A wise man is his own doctor first”.

Chemical Free Water Purification System:

Being on the forefront of green movement in the USA has been a passion of mine, even before it was in style.  Finding and bringing  the best solutions to the masses matters to me.

I have been researching water and food for over 40 years, been to multiple countries. I have learned a thing or two. Toxins and chemicals are accumulating in our body systems today at an alarming rate. They are making our bodies work much harder than our systems are designed to work. I am happy to share alkaline water ionizer machine and any information that may help you in any batter against any illness or disorder or disease.

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Take care, I care!



Clean water matters!

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