Ultra pHresh Replacement Pad – Shower Filter Replacement Pad – Water Softener Shower Head Pad


The Ultra pHresh Replacement Pad traps sediment and other undesirable contaminants

Shop our Ultra pHresh Replacement Pads. Clog the spray plate in your shower head water filter. Replace filter for shower head to get high pressure rainfall.

Available in set of 3 pads.

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Ultra pHresh Ionizing Shower Filter, Dechlorinating Shower Head Filters,

The Ultra pHresh Shower Head Replacement Pad traps sediment and other undesirable contaminants. They can clog the all-important spray plate in your shower head water filter, reducing the ionizing effect. Replace it if you notice a slower flow than earlier water which you are using to or discolor water. Additionally Replace filter for shower head to get high pressure rainfall.

Inside, the filter we are using 100% natural ingredients which removes harmful chlorine. In order to help relieve from skin irritations we added  chloramines plus which are natural moisturizers. It also conditions and softens the water with its softener shower filter without using any harmful chemicals. You will feel rejuvenated, as if you have been standing under a waterfall full of negative ions.

The Ultra pHresh Ionizing Shower Head replacement filter will assist you to bathe in a powerful, strong and satisfying stream. It is also guaranteed to give you the most embracing and gentle shower you have ever experienced. Yet at the same time, you benefit from using about half as much water and energy as other conventional shower heads. So, it is also a great money saver shower filter and you truly get a unique shower experience.

And if you live in a very hard water area and the head clogs from mineral buildup. It will leave you with an unsatisfied water flow, the patented ionizing plate is removable so you can easily clean it.

Enjoy your Ultra pHresh shower for years to come. You will never want to shower under anything else.

This is available in set of 3 pads.

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