Intestinal Cleanse & Blood Detox Kit


H2O Blood Detox & Intestinal Cleanse

Cellular Tea, Body Drive, Total Body Tea and Skinny Drive are a powerful body detox, cleanse and cell rejuvenator combo!

You’ll love the way you feel! This is a perfect solution for the Blessed Herbs Intestinal Cleanse. Call our store to order or order online.

Intestinal Cleanse & Blood Detox

4 GREAT products to help get you back on track! We sell these products individually or save a bundle when you buy them as a kit. Click on each product to see all the details of the amazing benefits.





Cellular Tea a Herbal Tea used to remove the toxins from body and prevent from lungs cancer
Cellular Tea- the original Essiac Tea formula plus 7 other powerful herbal blood detoxers.

Cellular Tea– makes 100 cups of tea. Cellular Tea is a blood detox tea formulated to cleanse toxins from all the cells. We have a video on our website that demonstrates on it works. Be sure to cover it after you add hot water to it to steep for at least 10 minutes. Once it is steeped you can drink it hot or cold. You’ll want to drink this tea every day the rest of your life!  Click the link to read more about this amazing product.  





Body Drive- Get ENERGIZED!
All natural healthy energy drink in convenient packets or canisters.

Body Drive is a 30 day supply fantastic formula loaded with antioxidants, resveratrol, and minerals. Take for energy, you won’t feel it come or go, you’ll just feel stronger, and you won’t miss that afternoon drag. Take as directed or mix with an amount of water that you like, I use 20 oz. with each scoop/packet. Click the link to read more about this amazing product.






Best Teatox for Weight, Loss Tea for Cleansing Liver and Reducing Bloating
Total Body Tea

Total Body Tea is a 21 day – delicious blend of intestinal and colon cleansers and detoxifiers. Mix as directed on the package. I like to drink mine after my last meal of the day, normally works within 15 – 30 minutes after rising in the am. You may like to take it Monday – Friday, then take off Saturday and Sunday, then back on Monday through Friday again. Finish all the bags until all gone. Click the link to read more about this amazing product.




Weight loss diet
Skinny Drive

Skinny Drive is a fiber wafer you can chew then chaise with water. The fiber helps absorb sugars in the blood as well as acts like a scrub brush for the intestinal track and colon.  Click the link to read more about this amazing product.


These products are a powerful combination of herbs, minerals, and vitamins to boost and detox your body systems. I love them all! Fight back against COVID-19, all viruses and bacterial infections.

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