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There are many health benefits of drinking great tasting healthy alkaline, hydrogen rich water! High in pH and naturally occurring beneficial minerals, alkaline water can help keep you healthy. Now, you can enjoy the amazing benefits of alkaline water at home with your very own Alka D’ Max water filtration system, E-Z quick connect right to your faucet. We are proud to carry AMERICAN made alkaline water systems! 

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There are many health benefits of drinking alkaline water! High in pH and higher in naturally occurring beneficial minerals, alkaline water May be just what you’re looking for to help keep you healthy. Now, you can enjoy the amazing benefits of alkaline water at home with your very own Alka D’ Max  alkaline water filtration system, Made in the USA!


Water pollutants are no joke and can contribute to many health issues. Drinking clean, alkaline, pH balanced, hydrogen rich water is your first line of defense against all disease and disorders and will help you fight back. Water washes the inside and pushes toxins through our system, just like water washes the outside. We would never bathe in dirty water, yet when it comes to our drinking water, we drink it without one thought because we can’t see what’s in it.

Far more than just a water filtration system, the Alka D’ Max alkaline water system is the first non-electric alkaline ionizer, producing hydrogen rich, oxygen, antioxidant water that produces great tasting healthy alkaline water. How do we do it? Water is fed through the various layers via a unique system of direct inflow water to every part of the media to produce a system that allows Micro Filtration Alkaline water. This sleek new technology and design blows the competition away! This unit is so easy to hook up even Grandma could do it with our E-Z quick connect diverter which allows you to easily switch back and forth from tap water to your super clean healthy alkaline water. This unit features 4 amazing filters which not only out preform other units, but lasts much longer.  The main filter will last up to 3 years depending on water quality and the alkaline filter lasts 1 to 2 years depending on how many people and how much water you are drinking daily.  How do our filters outlast the competition? Most companies use a fine ground product to filter water, not us! We use a whole new technology that doesn’t wash away with the water, making our filters last longer.


Alkaline water has a naturally high pH level ranging from 8.0 to 9.5. It is rich in naturally occurring beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium that help you alkalize and maintain a healthy pH balance.  The average diet consists of foods which are highly acidic, normally between 3.3 to 5.0. What most people do not know is this overload of acidic foods in our diet has been linked to such diseases as diabetes, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and many other chronic conditions. By consuming alkaline water you can help your body find the natural balance it seeks!


The ALKA D’ MAX simply attaches to your faucet and you are ready to enjoy healthy mineral-rich alkaline water on demand! No plumber needed!

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