Faucet Diverter Valve, 1/4″ Diverter Valve for Water Filter


Pullout-style 1/4″ water filter diverter replacement with Faucet Adapter Kit:
  • This is our replacement diverter for Water Ionizers which requires a high pressure hose attachment.
  • The hose attaching to this divreter from the Ionizer has a 1/8″ inner diameter and 1/4″ outer diameter
  • The faucet end has a 13/16″ Female, 27 thread opening.
  • This diverter can be used with Jupiter Melody, Orion, Aquarius, Venus and Athena products.
  • Our Ionizer Water Faucet Adapter Valve Kit works for most countertop water filter diverter valves installation.
  • Water filter diverter valve fits for all H2 Series models, Vesta, Venus, Athena, Melody, Aquarius and Orion models.

What is a Faucet Diverter Valve? How Water Filter Diverter Valve Replacement works?

Faucet Diverter Valve sounds like a technical jargon. When it comes to the ionized water and water ionizers, the faucet diverter valve enhances the convenience and accessibility of your new healthy drinking water installation. Our pullout-style 1/4″ diverter valve works for most countertop water filter diverter valves installation.  Our water filter diverter valve fits for all H2 Series models, Vesta, Venus, Athena, Melody, Aquarius and Orion models.

Ionizer Water Faucet Adapter Valve Kit For Your Convenience:

Our water ionizer filter comes with kitchen faucet handle adapter repair kit that can be fitted in all standard kitchen tap sizes, no matter how new or old they are. Thus, these diverter kits can typically fit within minutes. Our kitchen faucet diverter valves are easy to use. They can be simply screwed into your tap’s faucet. Tap faucet is the part from where the water flows directly into the sink. It also permits you to control the flow of water from your new ionizer by a simple twist of a knob.

Installing Diverter Valve in Male Female Faucet Adapter:

Before screw in your faucet diverter valves, you’ll need to know whether the threads on your tap faucet are ‘male’ or ‘female’. Anyone with the knowledge of electrics or plugs will be familiar with this terminology and there is same concept in plumbing. If you have a male adapter, you can simply screw your water filter diverter valves straight in. If you have a female faucet adapter, then screw the male adaptor into water filter diverter and then screw it.

Ionizer Faucet Valve sizes

When you need to buy a new valve, then you have to choose correct valve for your water ionizer filter. H2O Health Store comes with ¼ inches clean and pure water filter diverter valve replacement which works with any ionizer using ¼ inch tubing. We recommend installing them every time in order to stop potential damage. And it will subsequently harm your flow of healthy ionized water. Our diverter valve for kitchen faucet is just a simple contraption. It ensure you receive healthy ionized water efficiently and at your convenience.


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