Cellular Tea, Herbal ALL Natural, Improved Formula of Essiac Tea


Fighting Disease Naturally is the bodies way!

Most diseases are caused by FUNGUS and the accumulation of  TOXIC compounds coupled with nutrient deficiencies at the cellular level. Retaining more toxins in your body than you can eliminate, weakens your immune system. Solution: Remove Toxins, Avoid Sugar, Create an Environment that is Adverse to Fungus and Take Steps to Boost the Immune System.

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Cellular Tea, Remove Toxins From Body, Formerly Essiac Tea, Natural Herbs for Blood Cleansing

Most diseases and disorders are usually due to fungus, bacteria and the accumulation of TOXIC chemicals and compounds found in our food and water supply today, coupled with nutrient deficiencies at the cellular level. Our bodies are working far to hard today, we are retaining more toxins in our body than can be eliminated on a daily basis, leaving us with a weakened and compromised immune system. There is an easy Solution: Remove Toxins From Body, Cut Out / Avoid Sugar, Create Fungus Free Environment and Take a powerful Step in order to Boost the Immune System. DRINK OUR CELLULAR TEA (Formerly named Cancer Tea)!

So, why is this important? Without cellular regeneration, rejuvenation and rebuilding every single day we age prematurely and it’s not possible to stay well. Our body only has so much energy to do it’s  quadrillions of processes everyday. It’s vital to replace the minerals in our system every single day. Everybody knows they are just not in our food or water anymore.  Minerals are the needed fuel for EVERYTHING! Without minerals the body can’t uptake one single vitamin.

The body will only preform the essentials tasks, when there’s not enough to go around, it’s smart and it decides what functions must work first. We can live without our eye sight, hearing, even missing limbs but there are certain functions that are a must every single day to function without fail, like breathing, our heartbeat, digestion and other vital functions. Cells need nutrients to rebuild, life is in the cell, health is in the cell.

High Antioxidant Tea, Herbal Laxative:

Our Herbal Laxative is full of minerals your body just can’t do without. Cells can’t rebuild without the nutrient profiles needed. It’s no different than making a cake, you must have every ingredient. If you leave out the baking powder, then your cake will be a flop! It just doesn’t work. The body works the same way. Therefore, our Cellular Tea is full with powerful blood cleansing herbs that add up to a big advantage for your immune system. This formula was the original Essiac Tea created by Rene Cassie in Canada to help cancer victims. She was inches away for being known to have found a cure for cancer.

The new improved formula has been enhanced with several other powerful blood detoxing herbs that makes it far exceed anything Mrs. Cassie ever dreamed it could be. She wanted to be sure this formula would be available to those who needed it to boost and rebuild the immune system.  Essiac is a blend of herbs, usually used as a tea, promoted as an alternative for many diseases and disorders. Scientific research does not support claims that Essiac cures cancer. But Essiac does contain antioxidants that protect against DNA damage.

The cellular tea story is quite an amazing one, you can get the book and read the entire story that led to this HEALTH CHANGING product to the World. Cellular tea helps your body do what it knows how to do, heal itself by providing the nutrient base it has to have.  1/2 teaspoon a day reaps tremendous cell regeneration, cell rejuvenation and cellular rebuilding. Try it today!

Use ionized water in order to get the maximum result.

Ingredients in Herbal Tea :

Look at these powerful herbal ingredients (blood cleansing herbs):

 Burdock Root:  Purify and flush out toxins from the bloodstream

Cat’s Claw: Used for the treatment of a wide range of health problems particular digestive complaints, arthritis, stomach issues and cancer

Astragalus: Used to treat the commons cold, upper respiratory infections, fibromyalgia and diabetes

Sheep Sorrel: To treat a variety of issues from inflammation, diarrhea, scurvy and mesothelioma lung cancer

Turkish Rhubarb: Primarily used as a laxative

Slippery Elm: Helps to coat plus soothe mucous membranes while also absorbing toxins which can cause intestinal imbalances.

Echinacea: Helps to treat or prevent colds, flu and other infections and is believe to stimulate the immune system.

Milk Thistle: Helps to detox the liver as well as protect it against damage from toxins, alcohol and other negative effects

Ginger:  Helps to boost bone health, strengthen the immune system, increase appetite, prevent various types of cancer, improves respiratory conditions, aid digestion and eliminates arthritis symptoms.

Vanilla Extract: Powerful antioxidant and reduces inflammation

Charged Bentonite Particles: Helps to supercharge the immune system

Capsicum: It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties and may also provide relief in pain related to arthritis

Nano-Atomic Mineral Elements:

Red Clover: Has a high concentration of chromium, niacin, thiamine, vitamin C, magnesium and calcium

Citric Acid: Has restorative powers that help cure bloating and heartburn

Mix 1/4 teaspoon in hot boiling water and let steep for 10 to 15 minutes.

* For an even more powerful detox and blood cleanse add a pinch of cayenne pepper to the hot liquid drink while steeping to match the new formula.

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