Replacement Filters for Water Pitcher


Do you want to BE a water filter?

Are you looking for which water filter pitcher removes the most contaminants?

Then you are at the right place.

 Perfect pitcher replacement filters are better than your average water filter.
The Perfect Pitcher water pitcher filter reduces pharmaceuticals, arsenic, heavy metals, fluoride and many other contaminants by over 90%.
The best part? It fits most other popular brand pitchers. Protect you and your family from harmful contaminants in your drinking water. Formerly offered by New Water Sciences .
Buy 2 get $10. off

Buy a filter or BE a filter!

Clean water is a basic and foremost DAILY  human need.

Our filters are built in the USA to remove numerous toxic contaminants found in drinking water today. Is it better to use a water filter pitcher rather than drinking bottled water?  There are numerous studies that say indeed, there are serious advantages of drinking filtered water. Our water pitcher filter is designed better than your average filter. These filters fit many of the brands in the marketplace today, such as Brita.

Water pitchers with replaceable filters are undoubtedly easy to use and very affordable. All you do is fill them at the tap and wait for the water to flow through the cartridge.  When you  notice the water is flowing slowly, it’s likely because the filter is getting clogged and it’s time to replace it. Some water filter pitchers have a filter-life indicator that tells you when it’s time to change it. Also give a try to our water replacement filter because we offer water pitcher filter replacement too. Try it once and enjoy healthy lifestyle.

These types of water pitchers can filter out lead, chlorine, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, pharmaceuticals, hormones, arsenic and other toxic chemicals depending on the quality of the filter.  Note that if your water contains serious contaminants, a water pitcher filter may not be enough to mitigate the problem. You may need a more comprehensive filtration system for your whole house and  a water test.

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Introducing the PUREVITA Whole Home Water Filtration System

From drinking, cooking, to bathing ~ every faucet in your home will be provided with safe and clean water!

Our Whole Home Water system removes pesticides, herbicides, arsenic, radium, uranium and MORE!

We do not remove the essential minerals that your body needs!!