Alka Baby for Beautiful Skin


5.5 pH matters to your skin, big time! Why wash your face in dirty water? Quickly you can connect our Alka Baby to any faucet and have clean 5.5 pH water for washing your face or brushing your teeth.

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Alka Baby

Perfect for beautiful skin!


 The Alka Baby  features a super quick and easy adaptable connector so it can quickly connect to any standard faucet. This unit will produce 700 gallons of water before you will have to change the filter, we made that easy too. Alka Baby is the perfect affordable solution to get clean, balanced 5.5 pH water for washing your face or brushing your teeth from  your bathroom tap. Chlorine and other chemicals dry out skin, Alka Baby not only balances the pH perfectly for skin but it filters at the same time. Call 928-899-7504 for color options. Get yours today!


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