Vickie's Water and Health Solutions @ H2O Health Store, Prescott, Arizona

Vickie Johnston

Vickie Johnston is a compassionate advocate of health, nutrition and “green living”. She is simply amazing that while the medical field is advancing with breakthrough science every day. Today nearly 1 out of 2 people are still developing cancer and heart disease. This is still the leading killer in the USA. Something is wrong with this picture!

Vickie started her career at a very young age working in a hospital lab. She was fortunate to attend college while learning at the same time. After graduating in 1977 she felt a calling to help others by teaching about healthy and clean living. As a lifelong student of health, the human body and the environment. People call Vickie the “mad scientist” and she says yes I'm. Vickie is furious that people are dying far too young because of what they “don’t” know.

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From her passion for good heath, doors opened that she never dreamed of. Vickie has not only created and published a green magazine, but also developed ergonomic products. She has marketed plus built a successful international business. She has taught thousands of classes on health, nutrition, water, toxins and chemicals. Also about what’s going on with our food and water in the USA. Vickie loves enlightening people and challenging them to take control of their health before someone else does. Contact Vickie for classes and speaking engagements.

She takes every opportunity to share what’s really going on and why we are a very sick nation – every chance she gets.

Vickie has been on the forefront of “Green Living” since beginning. She opened the very first UltraWater Bar Health Store™ in the Nation right here in Prescott Valley, AZ with more coming soon. We offer “clean, chemical-free, toxin-free, healthy” water and the ability to buy a system that literally lets you “Take back your tap”™

🏆 Prescott Valley's 2018 Small Businessperson of the Year!

After two months of nominations and voting, we’re delighted to announce that there’s a winner for Prescott Valley's 2018 Small Businessperson of the Year! The winner is Vickie Johnston of H2O Health Store.

Competition criteria focused on local SMB role models, who are dedicated to helping other small businesspeople succeed. After an extended round of nominations, top nominees advanced to the finalist stage, where local Alignable members voted for their favorite candidate.

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